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What is the difference between a house and a home?

An environmental anthropologist by training from the University of Michigan with specialties in energy and botany, and a visual designer and illustrator by lifelong practice (working for demanding clients like National Geographic and The World Bank), Alan Kettler is President and Principal Designer of KETTLERGREEN. This company is new, being founded in late winter of 2022. Our goal is to deliver excellence in design using as many natural organic materials as possible to maximize comfort, convenience, value, and the simple pleasure of being at home. His designs are intended to make owning a new custom organic home a practical choice.

To quote Andersen windows, "We know that access to natural light, views of the outdoors, and clean air to breathe is essential for a healthy home."

With decades of experience studying and designing solar houses since the 1970s, he believes that solar is the ONLY way to go in new home design and construction. It's THE AMERICAN WAY! Homegrown energy. Thus, all his houses are oriented to the south and incorporate walls of glass and solar electric panels on the roof. His houses are filled with light and the warmth of the winter sun. Heated wooden floors throughout, loads of natural light, and indoor gardens make his houses full of life.

People talk about global warming and carbon emissions. What are they doing about it? If they are on the right track they will seek to live in a solar home because it is sensible and if designed to be totally high performance it will be called a net-zero home, meaning it produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year.

KETTLERGARDENS is the landscaping division of KETTLERGREEN and is the result of Mr. Kettler's enduring and lifelong love of plants, animals, gardening, and nature. Being strictly organic and chemical free, our philosophy of working with nature translates into places full of plant and animal life, cleaner air, cleaner water, and healthier environment for you. His dream job for somebody would be to design a toad garden. You can read his garden bio here.

Former projects have included a mountaintop wedding resort, a Frank Lloyd Wright house museum, a river resort, a golf club, fine residential properties and two large mountain nature preserves.

Alan Kettler is proud to be a part of the KETTLER family of builders and developers - KETTLER, Kettler Brothers (Montgomery Village), Kettler Forlines Homes, and Kettler Custom Homes - who for 75 years have designed and created tens of thousands of first class homes in the Washington metro area and beyond. They have done this by making their homes bright, comfortable, and beautiful. Our commitment to constant research, design, and development as well as rigorous standards means that you can count on KETTLERGREEN to deliver unsurpassed quality and reliability, in addition to exceptional service and support.

Mr. Kettler is completely self-trained in the architectural and botanical arts. Decades of study, practice and working in gardening, construction, design, and aesthetics give him the ability to visualize, design, and illustrate fine organic homes and landscapes as living art. Experience has given him the opportunity to teach classes in gardening, and building with stone, his favorite material besides wood and glass. He may not have the formal training of an architect but he has the passion, the vision and the scientific background enabling him to design beautiful new green homes. It's exciting!

If you are looking for a solar architect it's slim pickins out there. If you try a search on GOOGLE little if anything comes up in the Washington metro area. Especially in this day and age you would think there would be more out there!

He is eager to work with clients interested in natural organic living, in the gracious comfort of a modern home filled with many practically pleasing "green" features.



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